This Person Decorates the Inside of Their Fridge, and People Have Feelings About It

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Flowers make everything better, and that's just the facts. Add a bouquet of flowers to a credenza in your entryway or to the center of your coffee table, and voilà — your space is suddenly fresher, brighter, and more inviting. After all, there's a reason why giving someone a bouquet of flowers is a universal gesture of affection.


TikToker user @gardenof_eve has taken this flower power and recontextualized it brilliantly somewhere we never would have expected: the refrigerator.

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"Buy yourself flowers for your fridge," they direct us in the caption of their video, where they present this unique kitchen hack. The flowers featured in their example are some lovely potted orchids with a cluster of eucalyptus and baby's breath in the corner. More commonplace fridge items like beer, water, produce, and applesauce populate around the flowers neatly, creating a pleasing scene.


While beautiful, this may not be the best idea for keeping flowers like orchids alive, as there is a lack of natural light in the fridge. However, the creator does include other pieces of decor such as a framed photo of their cat. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see their furry friend when reaching for an apple?

Some commenters on the post have also expressed skepticism around the idea, mostly due to size. "Where does the rest of the food go?" asks one user. Their point is well taken, and highlights that putting flowers in one's fridge does require a refrigerator of a certain stature. If you have a large family that demands a refrigerator packed to the gills with food at all times, adding orchids to the mix might not be the right way to usher serenity into your kitchen routine.

But for those with luxuriously spacious refrigerators looking to spruce up those fridge doldrums, adding some flowers might be just the thing.



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