How to Shut Off an LG Fridge Beep

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LG refrigerators offer a door alarm that will beep if the refrigerator, or freezer, door is open for an extended period. The alarm will beep every few seconds until the door is properly closed. The alarm is helpful if you are unaware that you did not properly close the door. If you prefer to turn the alarm off, you can do so at any time.


Step 1

Locate the control panel on the front of your refrigerator.

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Step 2

View the control panel and locate the "Alarm/Lock" button on the far-right side of the control panel.


Step 3

Press the "Alarm/Lock" button on the control panel one time to turn off the door alarm beep.

Step 4

Press the "Alarm/Lock" button a second time to turn the door alarm beep back on.