6 Cat Litter Boxes on Amazon You and Your Pet Will Love

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A litter box is an absolute necessity for cat owners, but it can be rather frustrating to deal with it. Many of them are unsightly, and they don't emit the most pleasant odors once used. But there are ‌many‌ styles of litter boxes out there, and it's totally possible to find one that suits your cat's preferences and your interior design sensibility too.


Whether you're looking for a high-tech robotic litter box that's self-cleaning, a simple litter pan that can be easily hidden, or a well-disguised litter box that looks like decor (and perhaps pairs well with your high-design cat furniture), there's a litter box on Amazon for you. Check out our favorite Amazon cat litter boxes below.

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Best Overall

If you want your cat's litter to be out of sight and out of mind, this is the litter box for you. Since it's fully enclosed (great for diggers!), you won't have to deal with the unsightly clumps — or the smell. There's even a carbon filter to help reduce odors. But the best part about this litter box is that the door is attached to a hood that opens wide for easy scooping. It's also jumbo size to accommodate large cats.

Best Budget

This is a zero-frills litter box — it's just an open litter pan. While there's nothing fancy about it, it does get the job done at a very affordable price. And it comes in a lovely shade of blue! We also love that it's easy to clean, as all you have to do is wash it with soap and water with no disassembly required.


Best Automatic

This is the Dyson of cat litter boxes. Coming in at an extremely high price, this self-cleaning robotic litter box handles waste removal all on its own, and it does so quite effectively. You can even monitor its activity (and therefore your cat's activity) via an app.


Best Hidden

If you have to put your litter box out in the open instead of tucked away in a bathroom or laundry room, opt for something that just might match your decor, like this litter box disguised as a planter. The box itself is a faux terra cotta urn, and it comes with a faux fern to place atop it.


Best Sifting

Considering that robotic litter boxes are often extraordinarily expensive, this is the next best option for those who dislike scooping. Simply pick up the sifting tray, shake the litter out, and dispose of the waste that remains. It's far less labor-intensive than scooping, and it costs far less than an automatic litter box.


Best Top-Entry

Cats are picky creatures, and sometimes, they prefer top-entry litter boxes to front-entry ones for additional privacy. This compact model comes in a variety of colors and includes a tray on top designed to catch tracked litter in little holes. We also love that it has a hook for the scooper on the side.



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