This Brand New Costco Seasoning Will Spice Up Your Meals

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Calling all hot sauce fans! Costco recently dropped a new seasoning that will be right up your alley. The product is sriracha seasoning, which is basically sriracha in powdered form. Yum.


The new item is by Kirkland Signature, Costco's in-house brand. It comes in a 15-ounce shaker bottle (i.e., there's ‌a lot‌), which costs just $6.99 each in stores, as noted by @costcoaisles on Instagram.

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According to the Costco website, the seasoning "adds spicy hot, tangy flavor to a variety of foods and beverages." It's also worth noting that the product is more expensive online ($8.69), so you'll want to buy it in stores if possible.

That being said, you can find the Kirkland Signature Sriracha Seasoning in the spice, seasoning, and dried herb aisle at Costco. But since it's a brand new item, keep in mind that it might not be available at all warehouses just yet.


You can check if it's in stock by calling your local Costco. Its reference number is 1586679.

How to use sriracha seasoning:

Not sure how to use the new Kirkland Signature Sriracha seasoning? Here are a few delicious ideas, including suggestions from the Costco website:


  • Rub it on proteins such as steak, chicken, shrimp, salmon, or tofu
  • Use it as a garnish for eggs, popcorn, fries, or pizza
  • Stir into dips and sauces, including guacamole, mayonnaise, sour cream, or hummus
  • Make a spicy and tangy cream cheese spread
  • Add it savory baked goods, such as scones or cheese muffins
  • Sprinkle it on ramen or mac and cheese
  • Use it to season roasted vegetables
  • Add it to spicy cocktails for a fun twist


We'd also love to try this seasoning in our spring vegetable sheet pan quiche. Simply add it to the egg mixture, along with salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.



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