This Clever Billy Bookcase Hack Creates the Chicest Media Console

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We love a good IKEA hack, and lucky for us, DIYers are constantly innovating and coming up with new ones. From trendy mushroom lamps made out of $4.99 IKEA bowls, to turning two IKEA lampshades into a swanky side table, it's astounding what creative ideas crafters can come up with using IKEA products.


TikTok user @dalia.ea takes DIY crafting and IKEA hacking to the next level with their extraordinary designs. While all of their upcycling is impressive, one of their most recent projects repurposing IKEA Billy Bookcases has truly blown us (and their many followers) away.

Video of the Day

In their how-to video chronicling the project, Dalia shows us step by step how they took three bookcases in black-brown (which are also available in white and birch veneer) and turned them into a chic and convenient media unit. "This is the story all about how I literally flipped IKEA's Billy Bookcase upside down," Dalia says at the beginning of the TikTok, quoting the beloved ‌Fresh Prince of Bel Air‌ theme song. "I heard the phrase 'furniture flip' and took it literally," they add in the video caption.

They used two of the longer style Billy Bookcases placed on their sides for the main structure of the console, and one of the smaller versions for the middle floating shelves. Dalia then mapped out where the doors of the unit would go, with three on each side.

The creator opted to use IKEA's Oxberg doors at this stage, adding some texture to each by tucking a linen-like fabric into their frames. They got even craftier when designing the legs of the unit, buying a bunch of wooden bowls from H&M Home, drilling holes through each the size of IKEA's Mejarp legs, and then gluing them together in sets of two. "I passed the legs through them so that the bowls wouldn't bear any structural weight, but would still create that drama I was looking for," Dalia explains.

The finished project is a feat in DIY innovation that looks like a professional design straight out of a showroom. "I'm honestly so proud of every single detail in this piece," Dalia concludes. Honestly, so are we.



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