Martha Stewart Says That This Is How You Remove the Smell of Garlic off Your Hands

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If you're an avid cook, you probably know what it's like for the smell of garlic to linger on your fingers — even after multiple washes. Well, according to Martha Stewart, apparently all you need is a stainless steel item.


In ar, Stewart explains that you can rub your fingers on a stainless steel item under warm running water. She demonstrates by rubbing her fingers along her stainless steel knife (but on the flat sides, of course). "The smell of garlic just disappears," she says.

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According to TikTokers users in the comment section, the hack appears to work. "I use my stainless steel meat pounder tool ... works like a charm," said one person.


Other people mention that you can also just use your stainless steel sink or a spoon. You could even buy a "soap" bar of stainless steel, which is designed for reducing or eliminating strong odors. It's available from retailers such as Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond. Apparently, this a commonly known hack!

But ‌how‌ does rubbing your fingers on stainless steel remove the smell, exactly? According to BBC Science Focus, garlic contains sulfur-containing chemicals that are responsible for its iconic taste and smell. One of these chemicals, called allicin, tends to linger on your hands. It's thought that that the chromium (a trace element) in stainless steel reacts with allicin, removing it from your fingers. The more you know.


Other strong odors stainless steel can remove:

In addition to garlic, stainless steel is said to neutralize other strong smells from onion and fish.

However, it's important to note that the success of this hack might depend on many factors. For example, if you've been working with a large amount of garlic, it might be difficult to remove the smell. Likewise, varying levels of freshness may also play a role.



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