This Egg Hack Uses an Unexpected Tool to Create a Perfectly Round Egg

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You may remember Nicole Modic, also known as @kalejunkie, for changing the way we snack with their delicious recipe for healthy chocolate blueberry bark, but the influencer seems to have a never-ending list of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to the kitchen. You'll have to give them a follow to see for yourself, but we're bringing you their egg hack that will completely transform your breakfast sandwich game.


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We all know the struggle of trying to fit a scrambled or sunny-side up egg onto a piece of toast. It usually requires a lot of folding and pieces falling off the sides, but we can now leave those endeavors behind us. Modic uses a creative tool that you probably already have in your fridge to keep their eggs perfectly round, ideal for a roll, English muffin, or even a bagel.

All Modic does is use a ring from an onion to create the perfect shape. Just place a slice onto your skillet, crack an egg directly inside the walls of the band, and allow the egg to cook to your desired firmness. While the creator's egg was cooking, they prepared the rest of their sandwich by toasting an English muffin and mashing some avocado. They were chowing down within five minutes.


If you love onions, feel free to leave the ring on your egg as you transfer it over to the sandwich, but if not, the band slips right off as Modic demonstrates in the video.

Well, there you have it. Breakfast just got a whole lot easier.


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