The 6 Best Thanksgiving Foods at Costco

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When you've got guests to host and meals to cook, having a Costco membership can be a lifesaver. This is especially true when it comes to Thanksgiving, one of the most significant food holidays of the year. After all, Costco is home to a mountain of bulk items and ready-made meals. But if you're feeling overwhelmed by the warehouse's selection, don't fret. Ahead, discover the best Costco Thanksgiving products, all in one place.


1. Kirkland Signature Pumpkin Cheesecake, $17.99 (in store)

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If you're looking for a decadent spin on pumpkin pie, visit the bakery section at Costco. Here, you'll find the iconic Kirkland Signature pumpkin cheesecake that weighs nearly five (!!) pounds. It also has a cutting guide stamped on top, so you can easily slice it into 16 equal pieces.

2. Boarderie Arte Fully-Arranged Charcuterie and Cheese Board, $179.99

There's no doubt that charcuterie boards are party essentials, especially during major food holidays. But if you don't have time to gather the ingredients and make your own, this pre-arranged version might be just what you need.


3. Kirkland Signature Pecan Pie, $16.99 (in store)

The pecan pie at Costco is another fan-favorite item, and thankfully, it's restocked every season. It also weighs more than four pounds, so it can easily feed a crowd. Serve it with a side of vanilla ice cream for a dessert your guests will love.



4. Kirkland Signature Apple Crumb Muffins, $9.99 (in store)

The "mix and match" muffin offering is one of the most beloved features of Costco's bakery section. It includes two six-packs of any muffin flavor for $9.99. During the holidays, one such flavor is apple crumb, which is perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast.


5. Libby's Canned Pumpkin, $10.99

No list of Thanksgiving products would be complete without canned pumpkin. At Costco, you can snag three 29-ounce cans of Libby's pumpkin puree for just $11. This is a pretty sweet deal, considering most retailers offer one can for about $5.


6. Kevin's Natural Foods Turkey Gravy, $8.99 (in store)

We love a good shortcut, especially when it comes to elaborate holiday spreads. Thanks to this turkey gravy from Kevin's Natural Foods, you can quickly serve Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing flavor or quality. What's more, it contains actual chunks of turkey breast, along with garlic and thyme.



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