This Wayfair Dupe for CB2's Iconic Bouclé Chair Is Equally Good and Less Than Half the Price

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If you haven't already gathered this, we are in love with CB2's Gwyneth Ivory Bouclé Chair. And as obsessed as we are with this instant classic, we may be even more obsessed with finding its perfect dupes. For so long, we were positive that the most spot-on lookalike was Castlery's Amber Bouclé Swivel Chair, but in a shocking turn of events, there's an Orren Ellis model that's even more identical. It also retails for less than half the price of the original.


​‌(Note: If you can support the original maker, we are always in favor of that, but if you're not able to splurge right now, here is one of our favorite budget buys.)

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Just by glancing at the Orren Ellis Swivel Armchair, it's pretty evident why we were so amazed by this discovery, but look even closer and the similarities become even more uncanny. Let's start with the dimensions. CB2's model is 34 by 32.5 by 29 inches. The Wayfair version is 34 by 32.7 by 29 inches. The only difference is 0.2 inches in depth.

Beyond the dimensions, the seams are the same, the fabric's color and texture are identical, and both chairs have the exact same ultra-thick base. The only thing that's not the same is the price point. CB2's chair is $999, and Wayfair's is $459.99. We've never added something to our carts so quickly.



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