This Nostalgic Bathroom Is a '90s Decor Time Capsule

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'90s kids, you might want to sit down for this. Courtesy of Den Garden, we recently discovered an amazing bathroom that has transported us back in time.


The space was shared by user @onehappy_day, who posts "one happy thing everyday" on TikTok. The bathroom, which belongs to their in-laws, is the epitome of nostalgia — and people are loving it.

Video of the Day

Upon entering the bathroom, the TikToker user shows us the printed wallpaper and carpet (yes, ‌carpet‌) lining the floor. Next, we see myriad trinkets on the countertop, including doilies and bath oil beads.

There are also lace-trimmed floral curtains and, of course, a toilet with furry blue lid and tank covers. Talk about a throwback.


Near the toilet, there are perfectly coordinated lace trim towels and a wooden toilet paper holder. The content creator also checks out the wicker shelf, which holds retro odds and ends like seashells, mini pitchers, stuffed bunnies, and more doily towels.

On TikTok, @onehappy_day's followers couldn't get enough of the space. "Where are the seashell soaps? I know they're there. They've got to be," said one user.


"I think we've all personally been in that bathroom," commented one person. Yet another user said, "My childhood returned to me full force so many times during this video." Honestly, same.


Now, excuse while reminisce about the '90s and browse through Reader's Digest.

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