This Pristine 1950s Home Has Been Frozen in Time

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Whether you're a history buff or design enthusiast, you're going to appreciate this real estate find. Thanks to Dengarden, we discovered a TikTok featuring a stuck-in-time 1950s home, and the decor is nothing short of amazing.


The house, which is located in St. Clair County, Michigan, was recently shared by real estate agent and TikTok user @ninaknowsrealstate. The tour is split into three parts — and each one is better than the last.

Video of the Day

In the first TikTok video, the content creator lead us through two beautiful doors, including one that's light pink. (That's how you know the tour is going to be good.) Next, they walk through a half door — also known as a Dutch door — and into a kitchen, which features a refrigerator and oven in the same shade of pink. The cabinets, floor, ​and​ ceiling are all patterned with delightfully retro designs.

As @ninaknowsrealestate walks through the first floor, we see that the hallway, bedrooms, and bathrooms all boast pink and green prints, many of which are floral-themed. There's even a bathroom with a pink marble sink.


In the second TikTok video, @ninaknowsrealestate heads upstairs, where there's one large room consisting of a vintage vanity, bed, and pink floral wallpaper. There's even dishware from the 1950s in this space.

For third TikTok video, @ninaknowsrealestate takes us to the basement, which has wood paneled walls, a bar area, and myriad retro lighting fixtures. There are also more vintage housewares and kitchen appliances in this space.


As you can imagine, folks on TikTok were loving the stuck-in-time vibes of the home. "I wouldn't change a thing about this house," said one user. "I never thought I'd say something like this, but I'd keep the house exactly like it is," commented another person.


In case you're wondering, the property's listing price is $149,900, according to @ninaknowsrealestate. Here's to hoping that the new owner preserves the 1950s charm of the home!



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