You Can Snag This Popular Plant at Trader Joe's for Only $16

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The next time you make your weekly trip to Trader Joe's to pick up some Two Buck Chuck and a tub of dunkers, take a gander at the plant section. It might not be as well-known as the fabled Trader Joe's chip aisle, but thanks to the grassroots promotional work of shoppers like Instagram user @trader.joes.plants, it's clear that the Trader Joe's plant section has lush offerings we shouldn't overlook.


One of the most recent findings is a mounted staghorn fern wall plaque. A bouquet of flowers is always a nice offering as a guest, but leafy wall decor is undeniably more interesting. Plus, they're selling for just $15.99 — "a great deal for a usually pricey item!" @trader.joes.plants writes in their post caption. A quick perusal of Etsy shows that others are selling similar staghorn fern wall plaques for around $65.00.

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The wooden plaque has both a stand and a hanging loop on the back, so it can either be propped up on a table or hung up on a wall. Instagrammer @trader.joes.plants jokes that the wall hanging function is ideal for all of those green thumbs out there who might have run out of room from having too many other plants.


Staghorn ferns need bright, indirect light and should be misted often. The more sunlight your staghorn fern gets, the more you need to mist it. Commenters on @trader.joes.plants' post lamented that these aren't being offered in every Trader Joe's, so if they pop up in your local branch be sure to snatch one (or more) up!

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