Trader Joe's Brought Back This Popular Cookie

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Image Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/GettyImages

It goes without saying that Trader Joe's knows a thing or two about creating fan-favorite products. From spices to sauces and ice cream to plants, countless items at Trader Joe's have a serious cult following. Case in point: According to Instagram user @traderjoeslist, the store brought back its pink and white cookies, and shoppers are stoked.


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The cookies, which are called "pinks and whites," are shortbread cookies covered in yogurt and sprinkles. They're also shaped like flowers, which simply adds to the cuteness of the treat.

To top things off, they're allegedly a dupe for Mother's Circus Animal Cookies, a classic childhood snack. These particular cookies are coated in pink and white frosting, along with fun rainbow sprinkles.


However, since the Trader Joe's cookies are covered in yogurt instead of frosting, they're slightly less sweet. This might be ideal if you're craving the iconic taste of frosted animal cookies without the super sweet flavor.


"These are a staple in our house," said one user on Instagram. Another person shared that they enjoy adding the cookies on top of a frosted Trader Joe's Meyer lemon loaf cake for a pretty spring dessert. We adore this idea!

Interestingly, it appears the cookies never left some Trader Joe's locations. But if the cookies disappeared from your store, there's a chance that they're back on shelves. To find the nearest Trader Joe's location near you, visit the retailer's store directory.

Other recent releases at Trader Joe's:

Last month, Trader Joe's started selling green and red hatch chile flakes from New Mexico. The seasoning is perfect for recipes like enchilada sauce and taco meat, according to Trader Joe's.

The retailer also brought back pink lemons, which have a light pink flesh and yellow and green striped rind. How cool is that?