This DIY Pool Restoration Is as Captivating as It Is Charming

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If you love to live vicariously through other people's home renovations on TikTok, you're not the only one. We were recently obsessed with this Haunted Mansion bathroom upgrade and this no-install outdoor shower, but now TikTok creator @aspenackley has gifted us with the dreamiest pool renovation of the summer.


The TikToker begins by explaining that they bought a house back in June of 2020. The home had a pool hidden underneath the deck in the backyard for the past 20 years. Last summer, they decided the bones of the pool were too good to go to waste, so they began the renovation process of creating their own inground pool.

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The creator started by removing the existing deck to check out the state of the underlying pool. Let's just say, it's not for those with a weak stomach. They had to remove all of the water and debris that had built up for two decades in order to see if the structure of the pool was salvageable. Thankfully, there was only some minor surface rust that was easily treatable.

Next, they removed the concrete around the pool in order to clear away and refresh all the pool lines and equipment. Once they were able to replace everything, @aspenackley reinstated the concrete.


Just a little over a month later, with the help of some friends, they installed a brand new liner, filled up the pool, and went swimming that very same evening.

While functional, the area around the pool still needed a little TLC in terms of appearance, so they restored the upper deck, began some landscaping projects, and removed the siding around the pool in preparation to transform the space into an outdoor kitchen.


The backyard still has a long way to go, but in the meantime, they added some string lights and lounge chairs so they can lie by the pool on hot summer days.

All of this in just one year? It's true: Anything is possible. Follow @aspenackley to stay up to date on their journey and eventually see the finished product. For the time being, we'll be daydreaming about summer evenings in their backyard.



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