This No-Install Outdoor Shower Is a Summer 2022 Essential

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Have you ever dreamed of having an outdoor shower, but didn't want to deal with actually installing one? Now, your wish can come true — with no installation necessary! Over at The Novogratz, you'll find the Rainey Outdoor Shower, which you can easily assemble and attach to a hose. And that's it!


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Priced at $419, the outdoor shower measures 40.1 inches by 35.4 inches by 80 inches. The shower bar itself is two feet wide, so there is plenty of space for you to shower and receive water coverage. Rather than installing the shower by running a pipe outdoors, you simply need to attach it to a hose.

Available in yellow or white, the Rainey Outdoor Shower is made with durable, weather-resistant materials. Where your feet go, you'll find slip-resistant, slatted synthetic teakwood planks that give the outdoor shower a decorative twist and prevent water from pooling. It also comes with an on/off valve and all the tools you need for assembly (which requires only eight steps).

So whether you're looking to rinse off after a day of summertime outdoor activities or simply want to cool down, this no-install outdoor shower will get the job done.