The Best Screen Doors You Can Buy Online

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Screen doors may have fallen out of favor over the years, but it seems like homeowners are slowly but surely bringing them back, and for good reason. When spring rolls around, screen doors are a great way to open up your home after a long cold winter and get some fresh air blowing through. Moreover, front doors are designed to keep a lid on the goings-on behind them, so letting in light is pretty far down on their list of design features. So, not only can screen doors help you bid a (not so) fond farewell to Old Man Winter, but they also provide an excellent way to let in plenty of natural light.


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Screen doors can help get the stale air moving while keeping uninvited guests (read: bugs) out. But before you head out to your local home store in search of a partner for your front door, there is one thing you should know —there are many types of screen doors, so you have tons of options.

Screen doors can be hinged, retractable, or even magnetic. But your choices don't end there. Keep shopping, and you'll also find screen doors that pull double duty as storm doors and security doors, and if you need a screen door that grants your pets access to the backyard when nature (or a nice bird) calls, you can certainly find those too.


If you're not sure what kind of screen door you want, here are some great thought starters in every category.

Hinged (Traditional) Screen Doors

Hinged screen doors are also known as traditional screen doors, and they are the most popular. They have this name because this type of screen door is installed by attaching its hinges to the door frame of your existing exterior door.


This hinge screen door from Screen Tight may look pretty familiar. Its classic design looks like the screen doors we all know and love. This door features a removable screen for easy repairs and painting, and the wood is unfinished, so it's fully customizable to match your home.


Retractable Screen Door

As its name implies, retractable screen doors are there when you want them and out of sight when you don't.

This retractable screen door by LuminAire features a SlideAway insect screen that pulls out effortlessly when you're ready to let some fresh air and natural light into your home. Even better, it disappears just as easily with the touch of a button.


This retractable screen door from Larson features a full-view screen contained in a cassette mounted on either the right or left side of your door. When it's time to take advantage of the nice weather, simply pull the screen in place from one side to the other.


Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors usually feature two rollers that slide along a track at the top and bottom of the door frame. These types of doors are an easy way to ventilate your space and are commonly found paired with sliding glass patio doors.

This sliding screen door features a heavy-duty no-rust aluminum frame that's built to last. It also features weather stripping to seal out insects and other uninvited guests, as well as heavy-duty steel rollers with sealed bearings to keep things working smoothly year after year.


Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic screen doors are probably the most fun screen doors you'll ever find. Essentially they're a hands-free screen door that expertly lets in the fresh air and breezes while keeping bugs out.

Made with heavy-duty mesh and powerful invisible magnets, this magnetic screen door is essentially self-sealing. When you, your kids, or the dogs walk through, the screen door seals behind you like magic.


Security Screen Door

Security screen doors typically feature metal framework paired with a screen panel. The metal bars offer plenty of security, while the screen panels let the air and light through. And as you might have guessed, security screen doors usually come equipped with deadbolt locks for added security.


This security screen door is made from heavy-duty steel that's likely to deter intruders at first glance. It also features a tamper-resistant lock and hinges, and it's powder-coated for added durability.


Storm Door

If you're looking for a one-and-done addition to your entry door, you might consider a storm door. These doors are essentially all-season doors. Storm doors feature glass panels that protect your front door from harsh weather and damaging UV rays. But they also come with interchangeable screens, so you can swap them out to ventilate your home during the spring and summer months.

This elegant storm door will certainly do its part to protect your home from the elements, and when the weather takes a warm turn you can replace the glass panel with the screen panel to let the fresh air and natural light in.

Pet Screen Door

When your pets need a potty break, screen doors with pet doors can be infinitely helpful. Pet screen doors come with door openings in a variety of sizes and typically have locks on them in case you need to restrict access for any reason.

This screen door by Chesapeake comes with an Ideal Pet Brand pet door pre-installed for your convenience. The door itself is unfinished, so you can easily customize it, and the screen is removable to make your DIY that much easier.