7 Handy and Adorable IKEA Hacks for Pets

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We all know that IKEA is a treasure trove of handy essentials offered at incredibly affordable prices. Plus, the brand's offerings can typically be tweaked and repurposed in innovative ways to suit your specific needs. Many of IKEA's offerings can be customized for pets, which is especially exciting because pet products tend to be pricey.


To combat these steep price of pet paraphernalia using the affordability of IKEA, we've gathered six top-tier IKEA hacks for pets so you can dote on your critters without breaking the bank.

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1. Hide a cat litter box in the Malm chest.

The IKEA hack experts over at the aptly named IKEA Hackers blog share an easy way to create storage for unsightly litter boxes. Using the Malm 6-drawer chest, you can place the litter box in the bottom drawer and cut a square hole in the side of the dresser with a jigsaw so your cat can freely climb in and out. You should also remove the bottom from the above drawer to give your cat enough space to do their business.

2. Use the Kallax shelving unit as an incognito litter box bench.

Another handy trick for hiding smelly and unattractive litter boxes uses the Kallax shelving unit, as demonstrated by @trydiybuy on TikTok. Kallax has ample storage in its row of cabinets for not only the litter box itself, but any other related materials like your pooper scooper and jug of extra kitty litter. Plus, it can double as a bench!


TikTok user @nuriagaro presents another pet hack using Kallax, creating a sleek cat house with built-in storage. They add two Lurvig cat houses within sections of the shelving unit for added kitty coziness.

3. Make steps for your small dog out of Knagglig boxes.

Pint-sized pups often need a boost getting up onto beds, couches, and chairs. Courtney from IKEA Hackers reveals how to make a small set of stairs for these little ones using Knagglig boxes. This project only took them an hour to make, and cost just $32.99.



4. Turn the Duktig doll bed into a bed for your bunny or small dog.

The Duktig doll bed is the perfect size for our smallest furry friends. TikTok user @oreo.thebunnyrabbit shows how much their bunny Oreo loves sleeping on the small wooden bed, along with a few other IKEA hacks for bunny owners. They recommend using the Variera plastic bag dispenser as a hay rack, and the Lurvig litter tray.


And the Duktig doll bed isn't just for bunnies. Another TikTok user, @gala.the.tiny.aussie, bought the bed for their Toy Aussie and it was love at first sight.

5. Create a leafy cat canopy shelf with Burhult shelves.

Using Burhult shelves, Sibbhult brackets, a Langsted rug, and an artificial ficus branch from an art supply store, another IKEA Hackers contributor, Swetha Ram, found a cost-effective way to make an aesthetically pleasing replica of the On2 Pets Cat Canopy Shelves. The leafy finished product will have your feline reconnecting with their jungle cat roots.


6. Build a catio out of the Bror shelving unit.

A catio is the perfect way to protect your cats from the dangers of the outdoors, while still providing them with a way to get much-needed fresh air and sunshine. TikTok user @charlie_adventurecat shows us how they used a Bror shelving unit and chicken wire to easily make a catio for their feline Charlie and his friends. Check out our detailed breakdown of this TikTok here.


7. Make a fluted cat tower with the Listerby side table.

Our very own DIY expert Trisha Sprouse figured out how to transform IKEA's Listerby table into a fluted cat tower. Using half-round moulding cut to size and attached fabric, Sprouse was able to design a piece that your kitty will love to climb, nap, and play on.



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