This Easy IKEA Shelving Hack Creates an Adorable Catio

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Whether you're a cat or dog person, you're probably aware of the fact that cats are notoriously hard to please. Being stubborn and sassy is pretty much the hallmark of their persona. With that said, even cats can't resist this fantastic IKEA catio hack from TikTok user @charlie_adventurecat.


Video of the Day

While high-end cat furniture is having a moment, thanks to this IKEA shelf hack, now you can participate in the trend without breaking the bank. The wonderful worlds of DIY TikTok and Cat TikTok have combined magnificently in the video, giving us a healthy dose of lounging kitties and handy crafting.

Using a Bror shelving unit from IKEA, @charlie_adventurecat shows us how they created a kitty cat sanctuary jutting out of a window in their home for Charlie the cat and his furry pals.


Almost all cats love a project, so naturally Charlie oversaw every step of the building process. The first phase required measuring the height of the window in question, and adjusting the Bror shelf accordingly.

Then chicken wire was fastened to three sides surrounding the middle-tier shelf with zip ties, creating screens for Charlie and the others to peer through without bolting for the hills. The remaining open shelves were left untouched to be used for other purposes, like housing plants.


The finished product is a feline dream that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the living space. Plus, it allows cats to get some fresh air and sunshine without risking contact with the dangers of the outside world.

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