Just a Few Fall Shelving Ideas for Maximum Coziness

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Sometimes you can't make a ​huge​ change at home — as much as you'd love to just paint a wall. We totally get it, especially for renters, who can't alter the space too much.


Fall always feels like a season of renewal and, most importantly, downtime. If you're spending more of the day indoors and want to make a decor change, we suggest you start small. Take a look at your shelves at home and see if you can incorporate some fall hues and decor into them for a seasonal twist.

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Check out a few ideas that we're currently loving below.

1. Style a rustic shelf with an "antique" twist.

This lovely shelf is actually something you can easily do at home. Try Hunker's "antique" mirror DIY and pair it with dark vases, neutral candlesticks, and a few books for a cozy-chic look.


2. Add a pop of orange.

Orange for fall is a classic, and for good reason. Something about the hue instantly makes us feel more at ease, especially when paired with browns and neutrals. Take a page from Hunker's senior lifestyle editor, Anna, who paired art with a couple of candles.


3. Lean into warm tones.

If you don't want to use super bold hues, try warm tones instead. This shelf, styled on Zara Home, combines cozy shades with greenery and reading material — all the elements you need for a lovely night in.



4. Incorporate framed art and sculptural pieces.

We love the way @styledby.rhonda uses this living room shelf to create warm vibes. Mix and match greenery and complete the look with art — like the framed print pictured here — and eye-catching vases in neutral colors.

If you've got lots of art that needs a home, try using a couple of shelves to create a statement wall. Opt for wood frames in warm finishes and pair with comfy seating complete with neutral pillows and blankets for an inviting look.



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