10 Gifts for People Who Love Flower Arranging

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A bouquet of vibrant, colorful, and lush flowers is both a lovely addition to any room of your home and an automatic mood booster.


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As people continue to spend time at home and dabble in different creative pursuits, floral design and arranging has been an activity many have tried their hand at. And there are also many talented florists out there — including Maurice Harris of Bloom and Plume, Tabbia Yapp of Bia Blooms, Amelia Rose Posada of Birch & Bone, and Glorimer Flower & Co., to name a few — that people can look to for inspiration.


But it's important to have the basics. For anyone interested in designing their own floral arrangements at home — or if you know a friend who's just getting started — we've rounded up a few essential items.

1. Jungalow Peace Vase by Justina Blakeney, $68


Jungalow, founded by designer and artist Justina Blakeney, features her signature work as well as a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, and modern goods from around the world. This bronze peace-shaped ceramic vase would pair lovely with fresh or dried foraged flowers.


2. Bloom & Plume Apron, $120

Who says you can't look fashionable while creating your stunning floral arrangements? We're head over heels for this tie-dye canvas denim custom-made apron from Bloom & Plume, in collaboration with Los Angeles-based clothing lines Meals and 69.


3. Planet Fundamentals Pastel Flower Watering Pitcher, $33.29

These pastel watering cans are a perfect size, and come in various colors. TBH, they could easily double as a vase too, if you wanted to get creative.


4. Bloomscape Plant Pruner, $25

These stainless steel pruners might not be the chicest tool in the shed, but they're a necessity when you're ready to start putting together your floral arrangements.


5. KonMari Small Japanese Ikebana Kenzan (Flower Frogs), $12

Kenzan, also known as flower frogs, are becoming increasingly common among florists and flower lovers alike. These flower frogs are a sustainable and reusable alternative to floral foam and will work just as well in making sure your flower stems stay in place.


6. Bloom & Plume Florine Floral Extravaganza Mask, $35

In collaboration with Los Angeles-based clothing brand 69, Bloom & Plume designed this unique mask perfect for when you're on the way to your local flower shop to grab what you need.

7. Florabrook Figure It Out Trio, $75

This trio of body-shaped ceramic vases from Florabrook in New York is the perfect addition to your desk or dining room table. On top of that, they'll pair beautifully with fresh flowers.

8. Pearl's Garden Supply Co. Fleece Cotton Gripping Gardening Gloves, $13

A great gardener or florist always needs sturdy gloves in order to avoid any accidents. These cute mustard yellow floral print gloves from Pearl's Garden Supply Co. on Etsy are the perfect pair to use while putting together your floral arrangements in style ​and​ safely.

9. Afloral Terracotta Orange Sun Palms, $24

If you're ever in the mood to mix dried flowers or leaves into your fresh floral arrangements, these rustic orange sun palms will be the perfect touch of boho-chic to your decor. The best part? You can reuse these over and over again.

10. KonMari All-Purpose Canvas Utility Tote, $132

This is quite possibly the perfect tote to store all of the supplies needed to create the most beautiful floral arrangement. I mean, it has seven pockets total. What more do you need?