Got Holiday Leftovers? Turn Them Into These 7 Recipes

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There is nothing better, yet more daunting, than holiday leftovers. By the time your holiday celebrations are over, you have an entire fridge and freezer filled with them — but what are you supposed to do with all that extra food? To assist you on this quest, we found several handy recipes that will help you use up and experiment with that mountain of holiday leftovers. Bon appétit!

1. Boulder Locavore Holiday Turkey Hash

Have leftover turkey, stuffing, and gravy? Turn it into a turkey hash, which is perfect for the day after Thanksgiving and can also be served over leftover mashed potatoes.

Get the full recipe here.

If all of the holiday cooking and baking has you tuckered out, this quesadilla will be a dream come true. You just have to place your leftovers — like turkey and cranberry sauce — and some cheese inside a tortilla. Then, cook it and enjoy!

Get the full recipe here.

3. Rasa Malaysia Mashed Potato Balls

Got some cold leftover mashed potatoes on your hands? Turn them into delicious crispy balls filled with bacon and cheese. Instead of bacon, you can even improvise with any type of leftover holiday meat.

Get the full recipe here.

4. The Country Cook Glazed Ham and Cheese Rolls

If you have leftover ham and leftover rolls or biscuits, you can easily turn that combo into a mini sandwich. Plus, cranberry sauce or gravy would make a lovely dipping sauce for this recipe.

Get the full recipe here.

5. I Love Vegan Holiday Shepherd's Pie

Another clever idea, courtesy of I Love Vegan, is to take your leftovers and turn them into a shepherd's pie. The recipe includes roasted veggies, vegan turkey, mushroom gravy, and mashed potatoes, but you can experiment with whatever meat-free leftovers you have on hand.

Get the full recipe here.

6. Shared Appetite Leftover Apple Pie Cinnamon Buns

What's better than apple pie? Apple pie cinnamon buns. That's right — using leftover apple pie (or any pie, really), you can make your very own cinnamon buns as a post-holiday treat.

Get the full recipe here.

7. A Beautiful Plate Leftover Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Turn your leftover pumpkin pie into a delicious milkshake in only five minutes. All you need is vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream, and of course, pumpkin pie. Yum.

Get the full recipe here.

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