Best Houseplants for Every Month, January Through December

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No matter what time of year it is, decorating your home with houseplants is always a good idea. We recommend going month-by-month, treating yourself to some new greenery every 30 days — your space (and your overall well-being) will benefit greatly. Want cleaner air in your home? April's plant is perfect for removing toxins. Need something that reminds you of sunny summer days? Skip ahead to August — we won't fault you for it. From January through to December, these plants are ideal for green and brown thumbs alike.


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Want to manifest greater financial abundance in the year ahead? According to the Asian philosophy of Feng Shui, adding a money tree plant can help boost your good fortune.

February is all about love, so of course the sweetheart hoya plant is practically perfect. It looks just like a little heart!

Sleep is super important as we enter the months of renewal. If you've been struggling with your zzzz's, consider placing compact lavender on your nightstand. Lavender is an herb known for it's relaxing properties.

No fooling around here: The peace lily plant is a top choice for April. Not only is it graceful and lovely to the eye, the peace lily was deemed by NASA as one of the best plants for removing toxins from the air. Ideal for springtime, don't you think?


Colorful pelargoniums (aka geraniums) will brighten up your home while adding a delightful fragrance. And, not only are pelagoniums easy to care for, they'll bloom almost all year long.

During these warmer months, we are all about adding a low-maintenance houseplant to the mix. Place a Tradescantia zebrina (otherwise known as the Wandering Jew plant or inch plant) in a hanging basket, and let it show off it's gorgeous greenery all summer long.

July might find your energy in other places, like tending to your patio garden or even backyard bird watching, so the Mother of Thousands plant is what you need. We don't think there's an easier plant to take care of since it's drought-resistant and can tolerate neglect (especially if you're spending more time outdoors these days).

Could there be anything more on point than adding a Watermelon Peperomia plant during the dog days of summer? With it's watermelon rind-like leaves, it'll certainly add some cool charm to your space.


The Trailing Jade is low maintenance and hardy. Hang it high, if you want, because as the branches mature, they'll grow into a dense "waterfall" of foliage up to four feet long. Fun fact: A cutting will root easily to create a new plant, either for yourself or as a gift to leave on a neighbor's front door.

Being that it's the month of all things Halloween, a spooky plant should take center stage. Enter the carnivorous Nepenthes tropical pitcher plant with long, dangling pitchers that attract and eat insects.

November is the perfect time to add a prayer plant (especially if you're hoping and praying for easy Thanksgiving travel and for everyone to get along around the holiday table). The Maranta prayer plant is on point with leaves that fold every evening as if in gratitude or prayer.

The Curly Lipstick Plant is all dressed up and ready to elevate your holiday decor. The foliage flows like curls of green dreadlocks and are highlighted by bright red flowers. It's just feels so festive, don't you think?


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