Best Houseplant to Buy in January

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Got big goals and resolutions for the new year? Here's one action step to consider: Buy a new houseplant each month. Adding a new indoor plant every month can benefit your overall health, wellbeing, and your finances, too.


So, what's the best plant to acquire in January? The money plant, of course, to bring you good fortune in the new year.

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Meet the Money Plant

As every new year begins, many people want to manifest greater financial abundance in the months ahead. A happy little potted tree with an unusual braided trunk might help. Cue the money plant (Pachira aquatica). In China, many legends and myths surround this plant, all involving good fortune.


In the ancient Asian philosophy of feng shui, a properly placed money tree is viewed as a magnet drawing good luck and money into your home. That's because of its association with the lucky number five, which symbolizes the five universal elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and fortune. Each money tree trunk has five leaves per stem and five stems are braided together to form the plant. In the wild, each stem grows independently into a mighty tree, but in money tree nurseries, the supple stems are braided together to form the unique trunk.


Even today some people are convinced that that the money tree plant will bring its owner good luck and fortune. Though this hasn't been proved by any means, nobody can deny that money tree plants are attractive and eye-catching with their fresh green leaves and braided trunks. Perhaps most importantly, they are known to grow well in low-light situations and to be very tolerant of neglect.

Buying a Money Tree

You shouldn't have any trouble locating a money tree plant in any urban area. Decide first if you want a small plant to nurture and braid yourself or a mature money plant that can be up to 6 feet tall. All sizes are available, although the larger plants are often more expensive.



Try your local garden store first since they can answer any questions about your plant that come up later. If your garden store doesn't offer money trees, you can find one in a number of locations:

  • Brick-and-mortar stores: You can find a money tree at the nursery department of your local Lowe's or The Home Depot stores.
  • Store or online: Walk into Walmart for a money tree, or order it from them online.
  • Online: Amazon offers many money trees including a darling little bonsai from Costa Farms in a ceramic planter.


Caring for a Money Tree

The money tree is a tough little plant that can survive low light conditions and infrequent waterings. But for the healthiest, happiest plant — and the best luck and financial fortune — treat your money tree plant well, offering:

  • A spot with bright, indirect light
  • A container with multiple drain holes
  • Sandy, peat-based soil
  • Generous water when the soil dies out

Here's to your good fortune in the year(s) ahead!




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