The Gifts Our Editors Are Giving (and Asking for) This Valentine's Day

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Whether it's gadgets, decor, or furniture, in Hunker Recommends, our editors only put their stamp of approval on the very best.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and, if you're anything like us, there's a high chance you haven't finished your gift shopping yet. Fear not: The Hunker Staff is here to help.


For this month's Hunker Recommends, our staff is sharing the items on their gift-giving (and -receiving) wishlists. From cozy house items to delicious treats, here are our team's recommendations for foolproof Valentine's Day gift ideas.

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1. OFFHOURS Homecoat, $295

"I've been loving the housecoat idea. When it comes to Valentine's Day, sometimes gifting self-care is just as thoughtful as a gift you can enjoy together. These Home coats not only come in the most stylish colorways, but they also remind you to love yourself all year round." — Gab Baiter, Director of Experiential Commerce


2. Honey Mama's Chocolate Cake (4-pack), $24

"When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, you can't go wrong with a rich chocolate treat. This year, I'll be giving (and hopefully receiving!) the new Honey Mama's Chocolate Cake flavor. All of the brand's products are delicious and feature ingredients you can actually understand, but there's something about chocolate cake that says 'I ​really, really​ love you.'" — Anna Gragert, Senior Lifestyle Editor


3. The Sill Classic Plant Subscription, $60/month

"I live in the Midwest, where winter is especially brutal around V-day — so I'm in love with the idea of filling my house with verdant, gorgeous plants each and every month to brighten up the space. The Sill classic plant subscription promises a monthly delivery of plants that are easy to care for and that is already tucked into a cute little vase, which will save me a shopping trip. I hope my husband subtly gets the hint after sending him multiple text messages with the link and after reading this article." — Jamie Birdwell-Branson, Senior Utility Editor



4. Usual Wine Valentine's Day Set, $96

"We love wine but hate the sugar hangovers — Usual is anything but that. These wines contain no added sugars or chemical additives, so you won't have to worry about how you'll be feeling the next day before reaching for a second glass. Usual's Valentine's Set is the perfect pair featuring two of their best sellers, Rosé and Brut. Both wines contain zero grams of sugar, meaning extra room for chocolate cake." — Jacqueline Ku, Influencer Marketing Manager


5. Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Oversized Oblong Woven Stripe Decorative Throw Pillow, $30

"My partner teases me because I love pillows. On any given Target visit, I'll likely squeal "look at this pillow!" while we're supposed to be buying cleaning supplies or cat litter. But, really, look at ​this​ pillow. I'm a fan of Justina Blakeney's use of colors and this oblong pillow would look lovely on our bed. Plus, it's got great potential for being a regular nap pillow." — Eva Recinos, Editor


6. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser in Eucalyptus, $119


"If you love aromatherapy as a form of self-care, this gorgeous Vitruvi diffuser in the color 'Eucalyptus' is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to treat yourself. Not only does it scent your home, but it also doubles as a beautiful piece of decor you'll want to display. Add your choice of essential oils and get ready for spa day vibes." — Lacey Won, Senior Manager, Social Media


7. Meenal Patel Studio Cakes Wishes Tea Towel, $26

"Last year, my best friend surprised me for Valentine's Day with a beautiful book of cake recipes illustrated by Maira Kalman. This year, I'm continuing the tradition by sending her this cake-themed tea towel designed by Meenal Patel. I hope it brings a bit of extra sweetness to her daily routine." — Mia Nakaji Monnier, Design SEO Editor


8. Grillo's Make-Your-Own Pickle Bouquet Kit, $20

"This pickle bouquet is so freaking quirky, I love it. Don't get me wrong, I adore flowers, but there's something about a collection of fermented cucumbers that just does it for me. What can I say? I'm a pickle girl." — Erin Lassner, Associate Commerce Editor



9. Seattle Chocolate Take Me Anywhere Heart Box, $21

"As someone with a major sweet tooth, I'll never turn down chocolate, especially for Valentine's Day. This classic heart-shaped box is decked out in art by Seattle-based illustrator Erin Wallace and is filled with limited-edition truffle flavors, like Pink Bubbly, Hazelnut Butter, Salted Almond, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Plus, the company donates 10% of net profits to Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that advocates for and supports girls in all aspects of life." — Pauline Lacsamana, Associate Commerce Editor

10. Cuisinart Fondue Pot, $145

"One of the best date nights with my husband was at a fondue restaurant in Amsterdam. While we, unfortunately, cannot jet set to Europe just for Valentine's Day, I bought this set so we can still get our cheese fix at home! I fully recommend lighting some romantic candles and eating way too much with your loved one." — Lauren Blassberg, Director of Operations & Strategy

11. Ojai Airbnb, from $300/night

"In an effort to pare down on all the 'stuff' in our house, my husband and I agreed a couple of years ago to stop buying each other physical gifts. Instead, we like to choose experiences we can enjoy together, like concerts or weekend getaways. To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we're going to take a road trip up the California coast and spend the weekend in Ojai. This charming country house we found on Airbnb makes my heart skip a beat." — Gina Goff, Director of Audience Development


12. Leon & George Zanzibar Gem, $119

"I'm really into plants these days, and I love the idea of receiving some greenery for Valentine's Day from my sweetie. Because it's long-lasting, I can enjoy it every day, and it adds so much life to a home! (Hilton Carter convinced me.) I love this Zanzibar Gem because I'm a gem of a wife. I'm kidding (no I'm not). But really, this particular plant is super low-maintenance, so it's perfect for me. How pretty will this look on my kitchen island?" — Laurie Grossman, Director of Editorial Operations

13. Clay Street Large Planter, $110

"Let's be honest, there's probably nothing more romantic than watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset with the one you love. However, this stoneware planter is a close second. It features hand-painted stripes in a warm, West Coast-inspired color palette, which happens to be very on-trend at the moment. Plus, it's a great way to add a pop of color to any room and will complement a leafy green plant beautifully. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely smitten. " — Ariane Moore, Sr. Design Editor

14. Solo Stove Bonfire, $399.99

"My favorite type of gifts are ones that keep on giving and this outdoor fire pit is exactly that. It's perfect for a small yard or patio and it's totally smokeless, which makes me feel a lot safer while using. I love the idea of gathering around a cozy fire with loved ones all year round." — Katie Maguire, Sr. Commerce Editor



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