11 Signs You're Ready to Move Out of Your Roommate Situation

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Having a roommate is awesome. (Guess, that's why nearly 33 percent of Americans from the age of 23 to 65 cohabitate, according to a new Zillow study.) Then again, so is having a pad all to yourself. So, how do you know when it's the right time to part ways? Scroll on for 11 telltale signs that you might be ready to break up with your roomie and get your own place.


1. You’re making more money.

Financially speaking, splitting the rent and utilities is a major bonus. However, as your career advances you may find that dividing monthly expenses doesn't matter so much anymore. Being able to afford the move is a big defining factor.

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2. Your credit score is higher.

You've paid off your debt and improved your credit score. Congrats! Now that you are considered a more attractive rental applicant, more doors are bound to open — including the one that leads to that fantastic two-bedroom abode you've been eyeing.


3. You feel comfortable with the idea.

For many people the idea of sleeping in an apartment alone makes them feel unsafe. That said, as you grow older and become more familiar with your surroundings, that fear is likely to fade. And all of a sudden, being on your own seems pretty darn appealing.


4. You’re in a serious relationship.

Chances are, it would probably bother you if your roomie's significant other was always over. So, shouldn't you extend the same thoughtfulness? If you're in a relationship that's going in a serious direction and your lease is coming to an end, it could be time to talk to your partner about next steps. Afterwards, of course, you'll need to have a tough chat with your current flatmate.


5. You’re tired of cleaning up after someone else.

Dirty dishes in the sink and sweaters strewn across the couch might not bother you in your early 20s. But after dealing with messiness for years, it can get annoying real quick — and that's putting it mildly.

6. You need more privacy.

Privacy, or a lack thereof, is a common cause of domestic squabbles. Whether it's vying for bathroom time or the paper-thin walls (aka, you can hear everything), sometimes a relationship can be too intimate. If it's privacy that you seek, you prob need your own pad.


7. Or, perhaps, more space.

When you're sharing a small living environment, the issue of square footage tends to come up a lot. Sure, the two of you could move into a bigger place, but you'd still be splitting it with another person.


8. You want to entertain ... like an adult.

Hosting an adult dinner party is a clear indication that you've got your sh*t together. Inviting pals over for an evening of elevated cuisine and sparkling conversation is a heck of a lot easier when you don't have to plan it around your roommate.


9. You’re craving peace and quiet.

Roommates are a blast in college and beyond. But it can get to the point where two feels like a crowd. If your fantasies regularly involve a quiet Friday night spent curled up with a good book and a glass of red, you've probably reached that phase where silence truly is golden. And that's a solid sign that it could be time to turn your duo into a solo act.


10. You really want a pet, but your roomie doesn't.

Maybe it's due to allergies, or a fear of cute and cuddly animals, but some people just aren't into the idea of having a pet in their home. However, if you've been feeling your pet parent biological clock ticking, it might be time to look for a pet-friendly abode that's perfect for you and your new fur baby.


11. You're tired of your roommate eating your food.

Is your roommate's idea of the grocery store your side of the refrigerator? We feel your pain. There's nothing more infuriating than fantasizing about the pint of Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter Core ice cream that you've been saving for your cheat day, only to find the empty container sitting on top of the trash. Grrr ... this might be the final straw!



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