15 Instagrams That Prove Having Pets Makes Your Home More Stylish

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If you're obsessed with your pet and also obsessed with your home, you've come to the right place because we've got a thing for classy pet furniture. And we're not the only ones — Instagram is filled with great ideas for dogs and cats. Here are 15 of them!

1. This easy Ikea hack turns a Knagglig crate into a dog bed. Just find padding and a fabric that goes with your space!

2. Literally the entire Hunker team cannot believe how amazing this wood DIY cat abode is. If you speak German you can find the instructions on Craftifair.

3. CatastrophiCreations turns your walls into a minimalist kitty climbing gym.

4. You have got to be kitten us.

5. Genius: Turn the space under your stairs into a doggie lair. And you can really drive home the theme by adding some cute adhesive wallpaper.

6. This dog is doing boho-chic better than you. (Luckily, this pom-pom-adorned teepee is available on Etsy.)

7. Turns out, this minimalist cabinet is a litter box.

8. This circular dog bed by Luxtail isn't cheap. But if you're looking to splurge, you should absolutely have one.

9. It's a kitty cabana! With a matching lounger!

10. Cute pet furniture doesn't have to be complicated — get a fun cover made for an oversized pillow, and you're set.

11. This cat is judging you because no way does your cat house match your sofa. (But it can.)

12. If your dog needs stairs to make it up to the bed, might as well make sure they fit within a stylin' color scheme!

13. These cardboard cat houses by Sticks and Pinecone are actually quite affordable.

14. If your dog bowl isn't a geometric masterpiece, then we don't know what you're doing.

15. If midcentury modern is a must, then so is this beautifully crafted dog bed!