The Best Time to Transplant Cedar Trees

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Cedar trees can reach majestic heights, but are best transplanted when small. These trees are relatively easy to transplant, but you should move them at the right time and under ideal conditions so that they have the best chances of survival.


According to Ron Smith of North Dakota State University, the best time to transplant cedar trees is when they are about 1 foot tall. Trees this size are large enough to handle without damaging and small enough to move with relative ease. You should be able to move trees as tall as 3 feet safely and easily.

Time Frame

The best time of year to transplant cedar trees is fall or spring. Dormancy is the key factor; move trees after they have lost their leaves and before they grow new buds. Southern growers also have the option of winter planting in areas where the ground does not freeze.


Once you dig up a cedar tree, get it back in the ground as quickly as possible. You should complete the process in one day. Plant the trees at least 8 feet apart and do not fertilize at the time of planting.


Richard Corrigan

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