How to Fertilize a Jade Plant

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Don’t fertilize your newly purchased jade plant. These specimens typically have enough fertilizer in the soil to last them for three to four months.

Fertilize your jade plant correctly to keep it healthy and happy.

The common jade plant is among the easiest houseplants to maintain and care for. Its appearance is somewhat exotic, so hobbyists tend to hover and coddle it. This fussy over-attentiveness often results in loving it to death with too much water and fertilizer. Jade is tough, but can take only its fair share of abuse. One of the biggest mistakes that people typically make with their undemanding jade plants is fertilizing incorrectly. Feeding Crasulla argentea is simple and straightforward, and will reward you with a healthy happy jade plant.

Step 1

Feed your jade plant once every two weeks while it's actively growing during the spring and summer months. Use a good commercial liquid fertilizer for cacti and succulents diluted to half-strength. Follow the packaging instructions carefully. The growing season begins in April and ends in October.

Step 2

Monitor your jade plant closely during the winter months, from February through March. Fertilize it lightly once--only if you notice new growth emerging. Feed liquid cacti fertilizer diluted to one-quarter strength should this occur. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations carefully.

Step 3

Flush built-up fertilizer from your jade plant's soil once in the spring and again in the fall. This will prevent a toxic level of fertilizer residue from accumulating. Set the pot in the kitchen sink and slowly flood the soil with warm water. Soak it thoroughly. Allow it to drain freely for several hours. Don't water again until the top two-thirds of the soil feels fairly dry. Resume your normal feeding and watering schedule thereafter.


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