How to Make Your Curb Numbers Extremely Reflective at Night

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Things You'll Need

  • Stencils

  • Tape

  • Reflective paint or paint and reflective finish spray

Curb numbers are the numbers painted on curbs that indicate the street address of each home in a neighborhood. Depending on the particular neighborhood, residents may use curb numbers in addition to, or instead of, house numbers. Most curb numbers will be visible at night because passing vehicles illuminate the curb with their headlights. However, you can make your curb numbers extremely reflective at night using special, reflective paint or reflective finish spray when you paint the numbers on your curb.


Step 1

Contact your local city planning office and ask if there are any particular restrictions on the paint colors and letter styles that can be used for curb lettering. If your neighborhood has a homeowner's association, call the association to ask about restrictions.

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Step 2

Purchase the stencils and paint colors that meet your local regulations. Select a color for the curb number background and a color for the curb numbers themselves. When you choose the color for the curb numbers, choose a reflective paint in an appropriate color, or choose a paint designed for use with a reflective finish spray. Choosing specially formulated reflective paints or paints with reflective finish sprays helps ensure that your curb numbers will be maximally reflective.


Step 3

Paint the background rectangle for your curb numbers on your curb in the location and size specified by city or homeowner's association regulations. When the background paint is dry, tape the stencils over the background color. Confirm that you have placed the stencils in the correct sequence and in the correct orientation.

Step 4

Paint the curb numbers on the curb through the stencils. If you are using reflective paint, you need only make one or two applications, depending on the directions on the paint container. If you are using a reflective finish spray, first paint the curb numbers in the appropriate color. After the colored paint has dried, apply the reflective finish spray.


Step 5

Remove the stencils and tape when you have finished painting. Place a small bucket, brick, or similar obstacle directly in front of the numbers to prevent anything from coming into contact with them while they dry.



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