How to String a Flagpole With a Pulley at the Top

A flagpole presents a convenient means for displaying a flag in a residential or commercial setting. Made of aluminum and available in various heights, flagpoles that are installed in the ground feature a pulley at the top to assist with raising and lowering a flag. A new flagpole must be rigged with a rope or halyard before a flat is attached for raising. Follow a basic procedure for rigging a halyard on a flagpole with a pulley on top.

Use a square knot and Girth Hitch to rig a flagpole with pulley on top.

Step 1

Feed one end of the rope or halyard through the pulley at the top of the flagpole.

Step 2

Pull both ends of the rope to you and tie them together with a square knot to form a large loop with the rope. Make the loop large enough so the bottom of it hangs 2 feet below the cleat attached to the side of the flagpole.

Step 3

Hold a flag beside the rope. Position the side of the flag with grommets next to the rope. Move the flag so the square knot used to tie the ends of the rope together is centered between the grommets.

Step 4

Mark the location on the rope beside the top grommet of the flag. Attach a swivel snap to the rope with a Girth Hitch.

Step 5

Attach a second swivel snap to the rope beside the bottom grommet. Attach the snaps to the grommets of the flag. Pull the rope to raise the flag up the flagpole to the desired location. Tie off the bottom loop of the rope to the cleat on the flagpole to secure the flag in place.