How to Fit New Cord to Curtain Tracks

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How to Fit New Cord to Curtain Tracks
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Traverse curtain rods come equipped with a cord, making it easier to pull your curtains open and closed along a track. But what happens when the cord breaks or becomes frayed, or when you simply want to install new curtains? You'll have to know the ins and outs of fitting a new cord to the curtain tracks. It's a process that requires close attention to instructions and the right tools: A tape measure, scissors, a ladder or chair and, of course, a curtain cord. Fitting a new cord shouldn't take much time, and is much more affordable than buying a whole new curtain rod.


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Take Measurements

First, you'll want to remove the curtain, along with the curtain hooks from the rod and carriers. To do this, you can use a stepladder or a chair. You may need to clean the rod if there's been an accumulation of lint or dust. Next, determine how much cord you'll need. Use your tape measure to measure the distance from the top of the rod to the floor and the length of the curtain rod. Then, add those two measurements together, plus an additional 6 inches. That's how much cord you'll need to restring your curtain rod.

Pulleys and Slides

Next, place the rod face down on a flat surface. If you're removing an old cord, you can untie it from the carriers and pull it out, then push the carriers, also known as "master slides," to the center of the rod. The smaller slides flank the carriers on either side and can be added or removed when needed.


Push the cord over the top left pulley, pull it through the upper carrier and tie a knot to secure it. Feed the opposite end of the cord between the two pulleys on the left and secure under the carrier on the right. The pulleys are located on the left and right, and look like two small wheels stacked diagonally.

Reattach and Test

Finally, reattach the rod to the brackets and situate the master carrier in the center. Make sure the brackets are secure so that they can carry the weight of rod and the fabric can be carried without sagging. Pull on the draw string to test it out and adjust if needed. You can attach the curtain by securing it to the rod hooks. Again, test the opening and closing by pulling on the draw strings.