How to Disassemble & Move a Wood Deck

Before you can disassemble and move your deck you must first learn how it was built. Building a deck involves setting the posts, attaching the frame to the posts and the house, then adding the deck boards and handrails. Disassembling the deck requires reversing this process, leaving only the main frame and posts assembled. Other components will be moved in individual pieces or in small sections. This process ensures the stability of the deck when you reassemble it at its new home.

Before you move your deck you must first understand how it was built.

Step 1

Remove the pickets from the handrails with the Phillips bit on your drill. Stack the pickets and keep the screws in your nail pouch. Remove the handrails from the posts and stack them in a separate stack. Retain these screws in your pouch with the others.

Step 2

Use your drill to remove the deck boards from the framing. Loosen one board at a time, lower it from the deck to the ground and stack it on a level surface. Keep the screws from your deck boards in your nail pouch.

Step 3

Slide the fine cut blade on your reciprocating saw into the seam between the deck frame and your house. Pull the trigger on the saw and pull it slowly along the length of the seam to cut away the anchor bolts. Cut along the seam between the stairs and the deck frame, pull the stairs free and set them aside for transport as one unit.

Step 4

Start your truck and back the flat bed trailer under the deck. Use the rough cut blade on your reciprocating saw to cut away any center posts that prevent your trailer from backing in fully.

Step 5

Make a stack of concrete blocks at each corner of the trailer. Stack the blocks in piers 2 blocks long and 2 blocks wide at each level. Set each block so the holes in the block face up. Stack them to within 18 inches of the deck frame.

Step 6

Lay a block on its side on top of each pier. Place a jack on top of each of the top blocks. Raise each jack to the bottom of the deck frame.

Step 7

Use the rough cut blade on your reciprocating saw to cut through each of the remaining deck posts. Make these cuts 24 inches above ground level.

Step 8

Raise each of the jacks 1 inch. Add a block to each pier and lower the jacks so that a jack and a block support the deck at each corner.

Step 9

Throw two of your tie down straps across the top of the deck frame, hook them to the trailer frame and ratchet them tight. Stack your disassembled deck parts under the deck frame on the trailer and secure them with the remaining straps.