How to Hide the View of Utility Boxes in Your Yard

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Hide view of utility boxes in your yard.

Hiding utility boxes that are in your yard is not uncommon and it just takes some creative planning and landscaping to beautify that area. They are often placed in a yard either by the utility company of the city you live in or they may be your own but there are ways to hide them and make the area around them look very attractive.


Step 1

Call the utility company first. Always check with the utility company first to find out the boundaries you have to work within to landscape that area. There are possible cables or wires that run underground that you will need to avoid digging into, and the utility companies are very good about marking the area for free so you know what is allowed. You don't want to end up paying for damaged cables. They also can let you know anything else as far as how much accessibility they need for that box.


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Step 2

Get ideas from other places. Check around for ideas by driving around other neighborhoods or look online and in magazines to find out the look that you want. There are faux landscaping rocks that are quite popular as well as tall grasses, shrubs and flowering bushes that do the job very well of hiding the utility boxes. You can find rocks on your own by calling a local quarry.

Step 3

Purchase the landscaping decor you have chosen and make a plan sheet. Now that you have decided what you want, make a trip to your local garden center or any type of store that sells what you are looking for. It is best to have some type of sketch or blueprint with the names of the items you are looking for rather than the sales person trying to guess what you are talking about.



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