How to Remove Paint Off Couch Fabric When You Are at Home

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Fabric couches are really comfortable and versatile to have in a home. They're easier to sit on than leather couches and aren't always as high maintenance. But like all things fabric based, they can be stained by paint. It may happen when a wall nearby is being painted or thanks to a careless arts and crafts session.


How to Remove Paint Off Couch Fabric When You Are at Home
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Luckily, there are ways to remove all kinds of paint stains from fabric couches depending on the type of paint and the condition of the fabric. And there are even ways to remove the paint even after it's dried if the right tools are available.


Removing Water-Based Fabric Paint

Removing water-based fabric paint from a fabric couch isn't very difficult. If the water-based fabric paint is still wet, try scrapping some of it off with a flat tool. If the paint has already dried up, try scrubbing some of it off with a bristled tool.

Once you remove paint from fabric, try blotting the paint with a damp rag or towel. But don't scrub with the rag. Just gently blot the paint until it begins to fade a bit. If the water-based fabric paint is very dry, try spraying the paint spot with a mix that's 2 parts water and 1 part laundry detergent. Do a mix of blotting with a rag over the solution and scrubbing with a bristled tool or spare toothbrush.


Once the stain is finally removed, gently blot the area with a damp paper towel and then a dry paper towel.

Using Paint Stain Remover

Some paints won't simply go away with scrubbing and blotting. Some paint stain remover will be needed for some of the more stubborn paints. Like with the water-based fabric paint, remove as much of the wet or dry paint with either a flat tool or a scrubbing brush.

Once as much is removed as possible, a paint stain remover should be used to get the rest of the paint out. It's best to use a general paint stain remover or a solvent that is recommended by the paint company in order to soften the stain. Once most of the paint stain is gone, blot the spot with a damp paper towel, then with a dry paper towel or rag once the color is removed from the fabric.


Removing Paint From Clothes

Sometimes a paint stain on a couch gets transferred onto clothing. To remove paint from clothes, the same steps with the couch can be used. Scrub or scrape the paint off of the article of clothing, then use a detergent solution or a paint stain remover to get rid of the rest.

However, to remove paint from clothes, the articles of clothing can be added to laundry after the paint is scrubbed or has a thinner or solution applied. Putting the clothing into a washing machine will just help the cleaning process go a little bit easier, especially if most of the paint has been removed manually. If this does not remove paint from clothes, the first few steps of scrubbing and blotting should be tried again.



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