How to Remove Fly Paper Glue

Fly paper combats irritating flies by attracting them and capturing them on its sticky surface, where the flies eventually die. Fly paper can be applied by suspending it from a ceiling or sticking it to the wall. When you peel off old fly paper from your wall you may find a layer of adhesive. Removing fly paper glue is important because, left unattended, it will attract dirt and become an eyesore on your wall. Use products you have around the house to completely remove the adhesive.

When flies land on fly paper they become stuck in the adhesive.
A hair dryer softens glue adhesive.

Turn the hair dryer onto the low heat setting and direct the heat at the adhesive for a few minutes. The heat from the dryer helps soften the glue, making it easier to remove.

Step 2

Pour baby oil onto a clean cloth. Rub the softened fly paper glue with the baby oil making sure to coat it thoroughly. Allow the baby oil to remain on the adhesive for a few minutes.

Step 3

Scrape the glue from the surface with a plastic scraper. Once you've removed as much adhesive as possible, apply more baby oil and allow it to soften. Alternately add baby oil and then scrape off the adhesive until you've removed all the glue.

It's important to wash the wall after removing the glue so oil isn't left on the surface.

Wash the site of the stuck-on fly paper glue with all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth. Remove all baby oil residue as well as any remaining glue.