Homemade Glue Remover

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There are some non-toxic common household products that will loosen or dissolve glue. Glue residues can be left behind when its bond is broken, or glue may spill over onto surfaces that it was not intended for. When this happens, reach for a few simple homemade glue remover options to clean away the mess.


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Use a clean cooking oil or baby oil to remove the glue. Apply a generous amount of oil to the glue and allow it to sit. Then rub the oil into the glue. You will notice that the glue will start to blend into the oil. This means that it's working and that the glue has lost its adhesive bond. Once all of the glue is worked into the oil, clean up the area with soap and water, and then give it a final rinse.


Oil dilutes glue because many types of glue are oil-based adhesives, just as water dilutes water-based paint. Once the oil breaks down the chemical structure of the glue, the soap further dilutes and breaks down the oil and the glue through its saponification action. Saponification is the chemical process of transforming a fat and a base into soap. Therefore, the soap's contents continue to change the oil into more soap as the area is scrubbed. The transformed oil and adhesive can then be washed away as suds.


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter processing releases the natural peanut oils. These oils help to break down the adhesive bond of glue, and the peanut butter consistency helps to hold in place over the adhesive. Its paste consistency also makes it easier to work with. Work the peanut butter into the glue until it loses its bond and then clean up the area with soap and water.



Alcohol is a solvent that can dissolve many adhesive bonds. Alcohols breaks down the adhesive's components then dilutes them until they no longer adhere to the surface. Apply alcohol directly to the glue and allow it a few minutes to work. If the adhesive is soluble in alcohol, you will be able to see it break down. Wipe away the mess, and then wash the area.



Vinegar is composed of acetic acid and water, and the acetic acid can break down glue. Apply a generous amount of vinegar to the glue so that it can start to dissolve the adhesive. Use a cloth to agitate the glue, and then wipe away to clean the surface.


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