How to Get Plastic Burned on Top of a Toaster Oven Off

The combination of heat and plastic typically result in melted plastic. When the melted plastic is stuck to cookware or appliances such as the top of your toaster oven, it creates a smelly, difficult-to-remove stain. While it's best to prevent melted plastic stains by not placing plastic on the source of heat, accidents happen and melted plastic stains are the result. Home remedies will help remove the plastic so it doesn't burn and melt further every time you use your toaster oven.

Keep plastic away from a hot toaster oven.

Step 1

Heat your toaster oven to the lowest heat setting. Allow the plastic to melt to the point where it becomes soft but not liquefied.

Wooden utensils remove melted plastic without scratching your toaster oven.

Scrape the softened plastic off with a wooden spoon or scraper. Wipe the removed plastic onto a paper towel and continue to lift the melted plastic from the surface until you can remove no more. Protect your skin from hot plastic by wearing an oven mitt over the hand that holds the paper towel.

Step 3

Unplug your toaster oven, then fill a plastic zip-close bag with ice cubes and lay it on top of the remaining plastic. Allow the plastic to harden completely. Scrape it off with a plastic or coated scraper.

Step 4

Mix 1 cup warm water and a couple of drops of dish washing detergent in a bowl. Remove any last traces of plastic by buffing them away with a fine-grade steel wool pad dipped in the soapy solution. Pour a quarter-sized amount of nail polish remover onto the steel wool pad to help remove the plastic residue, then scrub one more time with soapy water.

Step 5

Rinse your toaster oven with a clean towel dampened with water. Dry with another clean towel.