How to Use Acetone to Remove Vinyl Floor Adhesive

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Acetone is a solvent used to remove materials such as vinyl floor adhesive from many different surfaces. Vinyl floor adhesive make a mess during installation, even if you are careful, and using acetone can remove the adhesive quickly. Acetone works well and does not have as strong of an odor as paint thinner or other chemicals you can use for the same task. Like with any other chemical, safety precautions are necessary when using acetone.


Step 1

Scrape large globs of the adhesive from the surface using a flat razor scraper. Hold the scraper at a low angle to the surface to avoid scratching or gouging. Use short smooth motions around the edges of the globs to remove them.

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Step 2

Wear rubber gloves when working with acetone and place a face mask over your mouth and nose. Ensure that the room where you are working is well ventilated. Set up a box fan to help ventilate the room.


Step 3

Pour the acetone into a small plastic container.

Step 4

Dip an old toothbrush into the container of acetone and scrub the area around the adhesive. Scrub until you remove all particles of the adhesive.

Step 5

Soak an old rag with acetone and wipe the area to remove any residual adhesive from the surface.

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