How to Remove Calcium Deposits From Plastic

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinegar

  • Water

  • Cleaning rag

  • Dish towel


If the plastic is too large to fit into your sink, simply moisten a wash cloth with pure vinegar, and rub over the calcium deposits until they are gone.

Removing calcium deposits from plastic is easy.
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Calcium deposits are left behind on plastic surfaces when water dries onto the plastic, and the calcium dries as a cloudy haze. This typically happens when you wash a plastic food container, rinse it off and allow it to air dry. Small hazy water spots are left all over the container, making you resistant when it comes time to put fresh food into the container. Luckily, the calcium deposits are both easy and inexpensive to remove.


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Step 1

Fill the sink with enough hot water to submerge the plastic surface.

Step 2

Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into the sink per 1 gallon of hot water.

Step 3

Let the plastic soak for 30 minutes.


Step 4

Wipe the plastic with a dish cloth, and rinse with hot water.

Step 5

Dry the plastic with a dish towel to eliminate new calcium deposits.