How to Remove Burn Stains on a Glass-Top Electric Stove

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If you're into the minimalist or sleek look, then you're most likely a fan of glass-top stoves until they get burn marks on them.
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If you're into the minimalist or sleek look, then you're most likely a fan of glass-top stoves until they get burn marks on them. The average household cleaner may be tempted to use a glass-cooktop cleaner, but instead, try using a glass-top stove cleaner scraper. Not only are they less harsh on the glass top than many cleaning products, but they arguably clean stove top appliances better than any store-bought cleaner.

Glass Top Essential Tips

Before you set out to clean stove top appliances, there are a couple of essential things you need to know if you don't want to damage your glass stove top. The first is that you should never clean your glass stove top while it is hot. If you don't wait for the stove to cool down, the cleaner you're using can burn and damage the glass finish. It may be tempting to start cleaning immediately, but it will save you trouble in the long run if you just wait until the stove top is cooled down.

Another critical tip is that you don't want to use super harsh products when cleaning your stove top. You'd think that a glass cleaner such as Windex would be a good idea to use. However, ammonia, which is an ingredient in Windex, is way too strong of a product for cleaning your stove top, even if the stove top is made out of glass. Before you start using homemade remedies, make sure to read your manufacturer's instructions. These instructions will let you know which products you can and can't use.

Lastly, try to use gentle tools to clean stove top appliances. Stay away from wool sponges and only use the soft side of a scrubby sponge. If you have burn stains or dried up grime, you can use a glass-top stove cleaner scraper. It's always best to use a razor blade instead of steel wool.

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Glass-Top Stove Cleaner Scraper

It's a given that no matter how careful you are when cleaning a glass-top stove that you're going to get burnt-on rings around the burners. Or you may even have a buildup of grime that turns into a burn mark. If the burn mark seems like it won't disappear, you can use a glass-top stove cleaner scraper to get rid of any trace of burn marks. Although using a razor blade may seem like it will damage the glass, if used correctly, you'll be fine. Just make sure to look at your manufacturer's instructions first to see if they state you can't use a glass-top cleaner scraper.

Before you start, make sure that the surface is clean. Then spray the burn mark with vinegar to soften up the burn mark. Afterward, using the glass-top stove cleaner scraper, you're going to hold the cutting edge of your razor at a slight angle. Do not use the corners of the blade. Keeping the razor as flat as possible, lightly scrape at the burn mark until it disappears. Then, using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe away any residue.

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