How to Get Cigarette Ash Stains Out of a Carpet

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Things You'll Need

  • Wet/dry vac

  • Clean cloth

  • Bleach-free dish soap

  • Baking soda or cornstarch


Harsh chemicals may damage your carpet and should be avoided.

Ashes can leave a stain if they find thier way to your carpet.

A carelessly tipped over ashtray or a thoughtless smokers discarded ashes can leave a noticeable spot on your carpet. If you already tried to pick up the ashes you may have noticed that rather than simply coming up, ashes disintegrate further making the problem worse. Though this may seem like a very big problem, ash stains on carpet actually come up quite easily with the right approach.


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Step 1

Vacuum over the area to remove as many loose ashes as possible. Do not attempt to wipe them up as this will cause the stain to spread.

Step 2

Dampen the area with water and blot gently with a clean cloth to remove as much of the ashes as possible.

Step 3

Apply 2 to 3 drops of a bleach-free dish soap to the area.

Step 4

Scrub the area with a clean damp cloth to lift any residual stain.


Step 5

Vacuum over the area with a wet/dry vac to absorb excess moisture.

Step 6

Cover the area with cornstarch or baking soda to draw moisture out from the carpet fibers.

Step 7

Allow the baking soda or cornstarch to stay on the area until it is completely dry before vacuuming it up.



Melynda Sorrels

Melynda Sorrels spent 10 years in the military working in different capacities of the medical field, including dental assisting, health services administration, decontamination and urgent medical care. Awarded the National Guardsman’s Medal for Lifesaving efforts in 2002, Sorrels was also a nominee for a Red Cross Award and a certified EMT-B for four years.