How to Remove Candle Wax From Fur

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Things You'll Need

  • Fine toothed comb

  • Dry cleaning solvent spray

  • Heavy duty liquid detergent

  • Wash cloth

  • Spray bottle with warm water


If you are nervous about performing this procedure, or if the fur article in question is very expensive or has extreme sentimental value, take it to a furrier who has experience with wax stains. If the fur is on a pet, then only hot water, pet shampoo, and a fine toothed comb should be used. If that doesn't get the wax off, cut the hair off.


Never saturate the fur with water. It will make the leather underneath shrivel up.

Candles can add sensuality and practicality to any room. The only drawback is dripping wax.
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Candles are beautiful and practical things to have in the home. They provide light and pleasant aromas, and can lend a sense of sensuality and relaxation to any room. Like all wonderful things, there has to be at least one downside right? In this case, it is the wax that drips when the candles become hot. Moving candles can inspire dripping everywhere. When wax gets on to things like fur, it can be removed with the right techniques.


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Step 1

Allow the wax to cool.

Step 2

Get as much wax off the fur as possible by brushing the fur with a fine toothed comb.

Step 3

Spray the area with a dry cleaning solvent. Wait five minutes. Dry cleaning solvents include products like Shout! Clorox Prewash, and Spray N Wash.


Step 4

Use the wash cloth to pull as much wax off of the fur as possible.

Step 5

Pour 2 to 3 drops of heavy duty liquid detergent on the waxed area.

Step 6

Rub the detergent around and into the fur with the wash cloth.


Step 7

Spray the area lightly with water to remove the detergent.

Step 8

Allow the fur to air dry in a dark and cool ventilated area.