This One Brand Has 19 Candles All Inspired by Taylor Swift

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There's a reason Taylor Swift's upcoming tour is called Eras — each album has its own color palette, mood, and … smell? Brooklyn Gilbert of Brooklyn + Co Candles thinks so, and they are currently offering a collection of Taylor Swift-themed hand-poured candles that are, of course, scented accordingly.


Brooklyn + Co's Taylor Swift Collection encompasses 19 different candles based on songs from Swift's discography, and the eight ounce paraffin wax candles each have a unique design in the wax, whether it's a star or a red scarf. Gilbert hand pours and decorates the candles themselves, and the throw on their candles is strong, since they are triple scented.

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"I love candles and Taylor is one of my favorite artists," Gilbert shared with Hunker. "I wanted to take two things I love and create a product that's made for fans, by a fan."

Each candle in the collection has a scent that goes hand-in-hand with the song it's inspired by. The All Too Well candle smells like quintessential fall with apples and spices, the Cardigan candle is a clean and fresh perfume with notes of cotton and summer flowers, while the Lover candle has a bright and playful aura, scented with citrus and berries.


Each candle is priced at $12.95, or you can bundle all 19 candles for $224.95. Now we know which candle to reach for while we play ‌Midnights‌ on repeat.



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