How to Remove Motor Oil From a Canvas Shoe

Nothing could be worse than getting a big motor oil stain on your favorite pair of tennis shoes. The thick, black goo can stain just about any type of clothing, but when it gets on your best or brand new pair of white canvas tennis shoes, it is especially stubborn. But, motor oil does not have to win. It can be defeated and the stains can be removed.

White canvas shoes

Step 1

Mix the baking soda, vinegar and detergent together in the small cup to make a paste.

Step 2

Spread the baking soda paste on the stained area(s) of the shoe and let it set for at least two hours. The longer you allow the paste to set on the stain, the more the stain will be broken down and the easier it will be to clean.

Step 3

Scrub the stained area(s) vigorously with the old toothbrush. The stain should be visibly diminished and scrubbing should remove it completely.

Step 4

Rinse the stained area(s) with the warm water.

Step 5

Dry the shoe with the washcloth or towel.