Silly String Stain Removal Tips

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Remove Silly String stains from skin, clothing and other surfaces.
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Silly String is a foam-like spray product that comes in different bright colors. It’s commonly used at holiday celebrations and kids’ parties. While it is enjoyable and entertaining for kids, it’s difficult to clean up and often leaves stains on clothes, skin and other surfaces. Consider some tips to successfully remove Silly String stains.


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Usually you can remove Silly String from skin, and it won’t leave a stain. But if it stays on your skin for awhile, you may need to scrub off a lasting stain. Use warm water and soap to wash it away. It may not remove the stain completely, but it will eventually fade away



Let the Silly String dry, and brush it off the fabric. Sponge the stain with cold water, and pour some liquid dishwashing soap. Scrub gently to pretreat the stain. Wash and dry the garment as usual. You also may try a standard prewash stain remover used on marker or dye stains. For another easy pretreatment, use white vinegar on the stain as soon as possible. Sponge the stained area with a small amount of plain white vinegar. Wash and dry the garment immediately. If the stain isn’t coming out well, try adding a cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle also.


Hard Surfaces

Wipe up the Silly String with a rag as soon as possible. Make sure the product doesn’t dry as it’s likely to become permanent. If it leaves a stain, wash the surface with liquid dishwashing soap and water. On wood floors, try adding lemon oil to the solution.



Blot the stain with a dry cloth before using a stain removal product. Review the label instructions on the furniture before attempting anything. Depending on the furnishing, you may need professional cleaners to remove the stain. In the future, keep any Silly String use outside and away from furniture.