How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Microfiber Furniture

If you have recently bought a microfiber piece of furniture, you may have made a shocking discovery, quite literally. Microfiber has become a popular fabric choice for couches, love seats and chairs, but it is also a great conductor of electricity. This can become a problem when you want to relax but instead get shocked each time you move on the furniture. However, there are ways to easily and quickly reduce your static electricity problems.

Step 1

Use a mixture of fabric softener and water. Take a spray bottle and combine nine parts water to one part fabric softener. Mix well and spray lightly across your entire sofa. Let the mixture dry completely.

Step 2

Run a humidifier in the room with the furniture. Living in a dry space can often worsen a static electricity problem.

Step 3

Apply a static guard product while being careful to follow the directions on the bottle. Let dry.