How to Kill Bed Bugs With Stuff at Home

Bedbugs are small parasites that feed off of human blood. While a number of home remedies are reputed to get rid of bedbugs, these parasites are actually very difficult to get rid of without professional intervention. However, these household items and techniques can help minimize the damage from an infestation.

A thorough cleaning will help eliminate a bedbug infestation.

Caulk, Clean, Cold, and Cover: Steps to Kill Bedbugs

A thorough vacuuming will help remove eggs and hidden bedbugs.

Seal up any holes, broken pipes, cracks, or other openings in your walls with the caulk. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around cracks, holes, and baseboards; in corners; and under beds and furniture.

Cleaning can help remove bedbugs' eggs.

Remove everything from the floor, all bedding from beds, and cushions from upholstery. Put these items in plastic garbage bags and seal. Thoroughly vacuum all carpet, furniture, and mattresses.

Scrubbing surfaces thoroughly is an important step.

Thoroughly scrub all surfaces. Include the underside of furniture and the interior of cabinets and drawers.

Step 4

Place sealed items in an extremely hot (over 120 F) or cold (below zero F) environment. Place small items in the freezer. Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water.

Mattress covers should be used after a bedbug infestation.

Place mattress covers on all mattresses.