Can I Put Oil Fragrances Into My Shark Steamer?

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Shark steam mops are used to clean and sanitize a variety of hard-surface floors, ranging from laminate to hardwood to tile. The Shark manuals warn specifically against the use of perfumes and scented oils in the steamer, including essential oils. In fact, some of the Shark steamer manuals recommend using only distilled water when cleaning floors.


Before You Clean Your Floors

Take time to read the manual before using your Shark steamer. While some steamers require the use of water, preferably distilled water, others allow you to add a Shark cleaning solution to the reservoir. Perfumes and scented oil products, however, are specifically mentioned in all of the manuals; do not add these products to the reservoir. They can damage the steamer and make it unsafe to use in your home.


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These Shark steamers are used to clean hard floors that tolerate the high heat and steam generated by the machines. Do not use them on unsealed or unglazed wood and ceramic floors and use them with caution on waxed and no-wax flooring.

Shark Steamers and Distilled Water

Shark steam mops, such as the S1000 and S1200 series, and the Shark steam pocket mops recommend using softened tap water or distilled water in hard-water areas to prevent mineral buildup in the machine. Do not add cleaning solutions, essential oils, perfumes, or vinegar to the steamer.


Before you begin, put a microfiber cleaning pad on the bottom of the mophead. Turn the steam mop right side up and open the water tank by turning the cap counterclockwise. Fill it to the max fill line with tap or distilled water and put the cap on the tank.

After plugging in the steam mop, wait approximately 30 seconds before mopping the floor. If the steam mop stops steaming, unplug it, refill the water tank, and plug it back in to finish the job. To sanitize a floor, first use the mop to clean for three minutes and then focus on each area by running the mop over it at least 15 times before moving on to the next section of the floor.


Shark Steam Mop Cleaning Solution

Though many steam mops warn against using anything other than distilled water, a few models allow the owner to fill the reservoir or attach a bottle of Shark cleaner for deep cleaning sealed, hard surfaces. Among the Shark products that use cleaning solutions are the Sonic Duo+ Carpet, Wood, and Hard Floor Cleaner; Shark Professional Steam and Spray Mop; and Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor System. Each one uses specific cleaning solutions. The Sonic Duo+, designed for use as a steam mop for hardwood floors as well as other hard floors and carpets, should only be filled with the Shark Low Moisture - No Rinse - Carpet Shampoo and Wood and Hard Floor Cleaner.


The Shark Professional Steam and Spray Mop requires the use of the Shark Steam Energized Cleanser in combination with its water tank. The cleanser bottle is inserted into the unit upside down and pushed down until it clicks into place. Sweep or vacuum the floor first and then plug in the steam mop. Press the steam control button, wait 30 seconds, pump the handle a few times, and mop the floors.

The Shark VACMOP requires the use of the Shark VACMOP cleaner, which is formulated for use in the unit. If other cleaners are used, the floors may become streaked, or there may be residue left behind. Charge the unit before attaching the disposable pad. Pour the cleaner into the reservoir and then use the unit to vacuum followed by spraying the cleaner and mopping.



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