How to Kill Silverfish With Cold

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Silverfish are insects with long, flat bodies that are silvery-gray in color. They are about 1/3 to 3/4-inches long and have a carrot shape as their heads are broad with thinner bodies and tails. These insects also have antennae on their heads and rear. Silverfish are drawn to moist, insulated environments such as basements, bathrooms and attics and, while they like cool temperatures, cold temperatures make them sluggish and freezing temperatures kill them. A dehumidifier, air conditioner and freezer are some of your best bets for getting rid of a silverfish infestation.


Step 1

De-humidify areas of your home prone to silverfish infestation. Silverfish like moist environments, so it is essential to repair leaking pipes, ventilate your attic, basement or other closed rooms, clean up standing water and use a dehumidifier and air conditioner.

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Step 2

Keep the air conditioner running on the coldest setting in rooms with silverfish infestation. Remove any stacks of newspapers, magazines and books, as silverfish like to hang out in 'protected' places. Also vacuum and clear the room of any food particles.


Step 3

Clear out your freezer or one you keep in your garage or basement. Place a box infested with silverfish in the freezer and keep it there for at least two days. The cold from the freezer will kill them.



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