How to Close the Shower Drain to Take a Bath

A combination bathtub and shower unit is much more versatile than a shower alone. With a combination unit, you can take a quick refreshing shower or a long luxurious bath. But before you start filling that bathtub with water, you must first ensure that the drain plug or shower drain cover is firmly in place. Filling the bathtub without having the drain cover in place means you are wasting water, and money as well.

Check the drain plug before you turn the water on.

Step 1

Step into the bathtub and look for a small metal lever or knob. This lever or knob is typically located partway up the shower wall, underneath the shower head.

Step 2

Locate a plastic cover with a small chain attached if there is no lever or knob. Some tubs use a plastic drain cover instead of a lever system to close the shower drain.

Step 3

Flip up the lever or turn the knob to close the shower drain. Use the drain cover to close the shower drain if there is no lever or knob.

Step 4

Turn the water on and adjust it to the desired temperature. Allow the water to run for a few minutes then check to make sure the shower drain is closed and the bathtub is filling up with water.